Made-to-Measure Parts for Pest Fix Ltd in Chichester

Love Metal Fabrication, a reputable metal fabrication company based in Walberton, West Sussex, recently completed a project for Pest Fix Ltd, a client based in Chichester. The project involved manufacturing of made-to-measure steel fabricated parts of 3 different types for Pest Fix Ltd, with a total quantity of 1000 parts, all finished in hot-dip galvanised coating.


  • Client: Pest Fix Ltd
  • Location: Chichester
  • Project Name: Made-to-Measure Steel Parts – 3 Different Types

Project Details

After receiving an invitation from Pest Fix Ltd for a meeting, Love Metal Fabrication engaged in discussions with the client to determine the scope of work. Three different types of parts were identified, and after mutual agreement on the specifications and pricing, the fabrication process commenced. The skilled team at Love Metal Fabrication meticulously manufactured 1000 parts according to the approved specifications, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy in the fabrication process.

Custom Fabrication

The fabrication process involved cutting, shaping, and welding the metal parts to create the made-to-measure parts as per the client’s requirements. The parts were finished with a hot-dip galvanised coating, which provides excellent protection against corrosion and ensures durability, making them suitable for the intended application. Love Metal Fabrication’s expertise in custom metal fabrication and attention to detail ensured that the fabricated parts met the highest standards of quality and precision.

Delivery and Client Satisfaction

Once the fabrication was complete, the parts were delivered to Pest Fix Ltd’s workshop yard in Chichester. The prompt delivery and seamless coordination by Love Metal Fabrication ensured that the client received the fabricated parts on time, meeting their project timelines. Pest Fix Ltd expressed satisfaction with the quality and finish of the fabricated parts, which met their specifications and expectations.


The successful completion of the made-to-measure parts project for Pest Fix Ltd in Chichester showcases Love Metal Fabrication’s expertise in custom metal fabrication. The careful coordination with the client, precise fabrication of 3 different types of parts, and adherence to project timelines contributed to the overall success of the project. Love Metal Fabrication’s commitment to delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service continues to make them a preferred choice for metal fabrication needs in the Chichester area and beyond.