House Refurbishment – Structural Beams in Offington Drive, Worthing

Love Metal Fabrication, a renowned metal fabrication company based in Walberton, West Sussex, and serving South East England, recently undertook a project for a private client in Offington Drive, Worthing. The scope of work involved the fabrication of structural beams for a house refurbishment project.


  • Client: Private client
  • Location: Offington Drive, Worthing
  • Project Name: House Refurbishment – Structural Beams

Project Details

The project was initiated when Love Metal Fabrication received an inquiry from the client via their company email. A meeting was arranged with the client to discuss the requirements for the structural beams. During the meeting, the project strategy was discussed in detail, including the specific dates for the production of the beams and the required lengths. The client provided approval for the manufacture drawings of 22 single parts, which were to be used in the construction of the structural beams.

Custom Fabrication

Love Metal Fabrication’s skilled team used their expertise to manufacture the structural beams according to the approved engineering drawings. The fabrication process involved precision cutting, shaping, and welding of the metal parts to create the desired beams. Some of the parts required additional treatment, including painting with Zink phosphate and red oxide finish, to ensure durability and protection against corrosion.


The successful completion of the house refurbishment project in Offington Drive, Worthing, highlights Love Metal Fabrication’s expertise in custom metal fabrication. The precise fabrication of structural beams, along with the additional treatment of some parts, ensured the quality and durability of the final product.